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Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a Paramedic!

This site introduces the Student Paramedic Apprenticeship programme with West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust. The aim of the programme is to provide a vocationally based education pathway which leads to registration and a Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship qualification.

We’ll outline the recruitment and selection process that we will take you through if you choose to apply, and also the programme to help inform your choices and help you understand what you will be doing if you are successful.

West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust is immensely proud of its global standing and continues to aspire to be a world class ambulance service. This requires our staff to have the knowledge, skills, and competency to deliver high quality health care to the people within the West Midlands. Our staff also need to uphold, share, and support our visions and values.

As a Student Paramedic you will be supported in the clinical environment while you work your way through your training programme which will take up to 42 months resulting in HCPC registration as a Paramedic. You will also have access to Clinical Team Mentors for specified periods who will provide advice and guidance to support your clinical practice.

Student Paramedic

All Student Paramedics earn while you learn, documents within the site set out the responsibilities of our students and West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust. It will also explain how the remuneration for the programme works.

I wish you well and look forward to receiving your application!

Louise Jones, Recruitment Manager – West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust

About WMAS

The Trust serves a population of 5.6 million people covering an area of more than 5,000 square miles made up of Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Coventry, Birmingham and Black Country conurbation.

The West Midlands is full of contrasts and diversity. It includes the second largest urban area in the country (Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country) yet over 80% of the area is rural. We are the second most ethnically diverse region in the country after London which makes it vital that we work closely with the many different communities we serve. Ensuring we listen and respond to their suggestions and comments ensures that our service meets the needs of everyone in the region.

As the region’s emergency ambulance service, we respond to around 4,000 ‘999’ calls each day. To manage that level of demand, we employ approximately 7,000 staff and operate from 15 new fleet preparation hubs across the region. In addition, the Trust took over provision of the NHS 111 service in the West Midlands (except Staffordshire) in November 2019. The 111 service answers in excess of 30,000 calls every week.

Student Paramedic

Life as a Paramedic

As a student paramedic and when qualified, you’ll often be one of the first people to arrive on scene in a patients hour of need. You will work in a fast-paced, vital role where you and your colleagues will need to quickly take charge of the situation in order to save lives.

A Day in the life
No day is ever the same! One of the many things our colleagues enjoy about being a part of the WMAS Team is the variety of calls that you will get sent out to and that you will play a key part in helping members of the community. You’ll work in a range of emergency and non-emergency situations, and you’ll be trained to be able to use your judgement and skills to quickly access a patient’s condition and make life-saving decisions whilst working as part of a team.

When you are qualified and working as a HCPC Registered Paramedic, you will be expected to manage complex scenes until the arrival of an Officer and therefore leadership and communication skills are essential for this role. You’ll be trained to resuscitate and stabilise patients using sophisticated techniques, state of the art equipment and a range of drugs and other clinical interventions.

As part of your 18 week induction you will be trained to drive our Emergency Ambulances under normal road conditions and also to transport patients safely using blue lights and sirens.

You’ll work alongside our support staff, colleagues in our 2 Control Rooms and other emergency services and NHS Colleagues throughout your daily duties. Our focus is always our patients however another essential part of the role is to be able to support and communicate with patients relatives, friends and other members of the public in what can sometimes be highly stressful, complex or sensitive situations.

Student Paramedic Journey

As a Student Paramedic you’ll receive a salary and training throughout the duration of the 42 month Student Paramedic programme, and following a successful application to register as a Paramedic with the Health and Care Professions Council you will be upgraded to the role of Newly Qualified Paramedic with the Trust.

Initial training begins with an 18 week course to prepare you with the clinical aspects of the role by undertaking an Associate Ambulance Practitioner (AAP) course which will be followed by a 4 week intensive driving course (Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving qualification) to enable you safely drive under emergency conditions. Successful completion of these elements will then see you spend the next 7 months working with qualified staff on ambulances and dealing with patients under supervision followed by a further 6 months consolidating the clinical skills that you have learnt, developed and mastered.

The final element of the programme will be a blend of academic study and operational learning where you will complete a Level 6 Apprenticeship qualification in Paramedic Sciences. The programme will have the requirement to complete theory and practical examinations. These are typically spread across the programme in modules. In addition to the time provided by the Trust for study the programme will require you to undertake further study in your own time.

Student Paramedic
WMAS Scene

Our Strategy

Employee Benefits

Job Description & Person Specification

Additional Essential Information


Our Strategy

Job Description & Person Specification

Employee Benefits

Additional Essential Information

Eligibility Criteria

Before you apply to become a Student Paramedic with WMAS you’ll need to check that you meet our eligibility criteria including education qualifications, driving licence status and your commitment to the role.

We’ve summarised the key points below; please also check the ‘Detailed Eligibility Document’ for further information.


You must have the following qualifications at the point of application:

• 5 GCSEs including Maths, English Language and Science at grade C or above

• An A Level qualification

• Please see the detailed criteria document below for suitable alternative qualifications

Driving Licence

You must have the following:

• Full driving licence (must not exceed 3 points) 

• Provisional Category C on your driving licence or have submitted the application form and medical forms in order to apply for your provisional

Passion & Commitment

You must have:

• A passion and motivation to provide excellent patient care to the people within the West Midlands region 

• Demonstrate substantial local knowledge and a commitment to the Trust and the region

Shift Work

You must be willing, and have the ability to:

• Undertake rotating shifts covering 24 hours a day 

• Accommodate shift changes at short notice 

• Work a full rotational shift pattern including weekends, days, nights, Christmas, New Year and bank holidays 

Other Factors

As part of the overall recruitment and selection process there are other factors which will be considered including:

• A reference history for the last three years with a minimum of 2 references (one of which must be a current or most recent line manager). Only employment and academic references are acceptable 

• Work Health assessment screening 

• Enhanced DBS Check

Application and Assessment

Before you begin the application process you must first ensure you’re in a position to commit to undertaking the programme and substantive employment with the Trust.

Once you have read all the information contained within this site, decided you can commit to the programme and meet the eligibility criteria you can then begin the application process.

Application Form

The first step in the process is for you to complete the application form on the NHS Jobs website:

• Think carefully about the information you put in your application, paying attention to details about previous jobs or work experience and your supporting statement.

• Provide evidence of the knowledge, skills and experience as per the selection criteria which is detailed in the person specification

• Submit in good time and before the closing date deadline

Highway Code & Driving Assessment

These will involve:

Highway Code assessment – a multiple choice assessment which includes written questions and road signs

Practical driving assessment – the examiner will be looking to see if you have maintained the standard you achieved when you passed your driving test with the Department of Transport

You can view a video explaining the practical driving assessment below

Fitness Assessment

As part of the assessment you will be required to demonstrate:

Resting heart rate: <90 bpm

Blood pressure: <160 systolic <diastolic

Leg / back strength test: minimum of 117kg (3 attempts given)

Hand grip test: Minimum of 35kg – dominant hand; Minimum of 33kg – sub dominant hand

Flexibility test: Ability to reach toe line whilst sitting and stretching with legs straight

In addition to this you will demonstrate your cardiovascular ability by completing a step test:

Phase 1 Aerobic warm up

Phase 2 Step test whilst carrying a 10kg kettlebell

• Compression only CPR (you will be shown technique)

• Step test whilst carrying 2 x 14kg kettlebells (one in each hand)

Your heart rate will be monitored throughout Phases 1 & 2 of the step test

You can view a video explaining the fitness test below


About your interview: 

• It will be conducted via Microsoft Teams, or in person, by a member of staff from WMAS University NHS Foundation Trust 

• A standard template is used to ensure all candidates are assessed against a set criteria 

• It is designed to learn more about you as an individual, your qualities, skills and attributes 

• You’ll be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the role including the training programme and the Trust including our Vision & Values 

• The panel will also provide further information on the terms and conditions for the role and give you an opportunity to ask any questions 

Other Relevant Information

• This post is exempt under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, therefore you must declare all criminal convictions on the application form, Criminal Declarations Convictions Form and during your interview including ‘spent’ convictions and driving offences 

• The post is subject to an Enhanced DBS check and ultimately HCPC registration may not be possible to active with some convictions  

• Please contact us if you wish to confidentially discuss your circumstances with the Recruitment Team before you apply 


Detailed Eligibility Criteria

Detailed Assessment Information

Application Timeline

We’ll be recruiting for our Student Paramedic vacancy over the next 12 months but our advert won’t be open all the time. Please see below for full details of when we’ll be accepting applications:

1st December 2023 – 1st January 2024

To apply click the button below 

If the Student Paramedic role isn’t for you, the Trust has lots of career opportunities available, more information can be found in the ‘Work for Us section’ on

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If you have any further questions about the Student Paramedic Programme before you apply please contact our Recruitment Team via:
01384 989452